New in the market, we would like to introduce our smart, powerful and portable PW55B Battery Powered ULV Fog machine.

Product Specifications:

Particle size 30 ~ 100 microns
Tank capacity 3.2 l
Spray distance Aprox 3 ~ 6 m
Weight 4.3 Kg
Dimensions 160 x 515 x 260 mm
Type Lithium, ion battery
Charging type Electric charger
Rated capacity 10.4A
Battery voltage DC 14.8V
Charge time Aprox 3 Hours
Input power 110V / 220V
Output Power DC16.8V / 1.5A
Operate temperature –10°C ~ +40°C
Operate humidity < +90 %RH
Storage temperature  –40°C~ +70°C

Main Characteristics and Features:PW55B ULV sprayer working

  • Strong injection and ultra-low volume (ULV) spraying function ensures the penetration and diffusion of the solution to all areas.
  • Can be used both for water and oil based solutions.
  • In high speed can work around 30 minutes, in slow speed up to 45 minutes battery duration.
  • Allows for applying or spraying various chemicals, such as insecticide, germicide, freshener, antibiotic, resistant and nutritional supplements, micro-organisms
  • Very easy to use and efficient due to its powerful spray

Additional Features:

  • Stainless steel body and luxurious appearance.
  • Extended working time by using lithium – ion battery.
  • Minimize chemical usage by forcing pump.
  • Control chemicals volume (Pump motor output control).


New Innovation PESTWORKER PW55B Battery powered ULV work on rechargeable lithium battery, dispenses both oil and water based insecticides, biocides, disinfectants and germicides, in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, such as public area, hospitals, schools, homes, hotels, air planes, cars, greenhouses, warehouses, dairy and poultry farms, horse stables.


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