Our powerful Thermal Fogger Pestworker TW30 fits into the line of professional products for the use in pest control and environmental sanitation.

This robust machine has features that makes it one of the most reliable Thermal Fogger, simple to operate and easy to maintain Thermal Fogging machine.

Unlike other machines in the market, Pestworker TW30 is manufactured with advanced alloy stainless steel that is resistant to high temperatures and corrosive chemicals, for longer life of the machine.

Powered with “Pulse Jet” engine that is incorporated with robust valves, it additionally provides greater reliability.

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This machine has additional advantage of being able to be used for application of chemicals that are oil based and water based. Because of pre-fitted dual nozzles in the resonator, it is simple for the users to switch between oil based and water based solutions without having to change resonators.

All the above advantages make Pestworker TW30 Thermal Fogger effective and most preferable by professional users.

Features summarised:

1) Simplicity of operation: air and fuel is automatically mixed in the air pump 12V.
2) Built to last: This machine is made entirely of stainless steel, which prevents machine from corrosion due to contact with chemicals or fuel.
3) Rechargeable Battery: This is a non-liquid 12V DC (6V DC according to versions) battery, which does not deteriorate and also avoids the user having to constantly recharge the battery.
4) controlled heat generation: this machine is designed to be cooled by two air intakes that are connected to the engine. This allows the machine to operate at a controlled temperature.
5) Reliable: Power unit uses a 12V battery for ignition, making it simple and easy.
6) Easy maintenance: all components have been assigned for easy assembly or disassembly. Supply of fuel is through visible clear plastic and the plug is easily accessible. This enable users to easily identify fuel blockage or equipment malfunction.

This equipment can be manufactured with different configurations depending on customer requirements. Please see table below:

Starting MethodElectric
Battery12V DC Rechargeable
Dimentions LxWxH cm135x23x34
Petrol tank1.8l
Gasoline Consumption1.8l/h
Chemical Tank Capacity8l
Chemical Output50l/h
Tank MaterialStainless Steel
Box Dimensions136x24x35
Box Weight13.3Kg

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