We present extended range of Pestworker Thermal Foggers that are manufactured for professionals to assist environmental health, public health and agriculture industry.pestworker (44)blue

These equipments are built to be reliable and effective tool in controlling insects. Our Thermal Foggers are environment friendly equipments since minimizes the use of chemicals.

Additionally all Pestworker Thermal Foggers are operated by improved Pulse Jet engine. They are inbuilt with dual cooling system and has air inlet shut-off valves for safe operation.

The thermal fogger TW30 has all these features for it to be functional for both water based and oil based solutions.

Our equipment is used by government agencies to prevent dengue or malaria. Our flexibility in Thermal Fogger with different specification, we have been able to win several tenders in above mentioned agencies.

Our machines are ones of those recommended by WHO (World Health Organisation) for the prevention of diseases such as malaria caused by mosquito Anopheleso gender, and diseases such as dengue, yellow fever caused by Aedes aegypti.

Many professionals and companies who are working in public health and pest control are currently using our Pestcontrol Thermal Foggers.

Below are range of Thermal Foggers we can offer, kindly contact for more information.

Starting MethodElectricManualElectricElectricElectric
Battery12V DC Rechargeable6V DC Rechargeable12V DC Rechargeable12V DC Rechargeable12V DC Rechargeable
Dimentions LxWxH cm135x23x34135x23x35135x27x32135x23x34135x27x32
Petrol tank1.8l1.8l1.5l1.8l1.5l
Gasoline Consumption1.5l/h1.5l/h1.5l/h1.8l/h1.8l/h
Chemical Tank Capacity8l8l6l8l6l
Chemical Output40l/h40l/h40l/h50l/h50l/h
Tank MaterialStainless SteelStainless SteelPlastic (Polyethylene)Stainless SteelPlastic (Polyethylene)
Box Dimentions136x24x35136x24x35136x24x35136x24x35136x24x35
Box Weight12.9Kg12.9Kg12Kg13.3Kg12.7Kg

If you want to know more about this machine, acquire it or receive technical information, manuals or brochures, please contact us at our e-mail info@pestworker.com or on our contact page.

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