We introduce the TW80 Truck Mounted Thermalfogger

TW80 Truck Mounted Thermalfogger

Type: Thermalfogger
Solution: Oil based chemicals
Starting: Automatic, complete remote control
Power supply: 12DC Vehicle Battery
Dimensions: 710x1330x490 mm
Weight: 45Kg
Fuel Tank: 16 L
Fuel consumption: 3.3 L/h
Solution tank capacity: 100 L
Solution output: 100 L/h
Material: High Grade Stainless Steel


High performing Pestworker TW80 Truck Mounted Thermal Fogger is the perfect choice for professionals looking to apply fog outdoors and large indoor areas for fumigation and insect control.
Under right weather conditions, the fog can drift into an infested area most effectively with a minimum of environmental contamination.

TW80 Truck Mounted Thermal Fogger is suitable for application of oil-based pesticides, agro-chemicals, herbicides and fungicides.

Key Features:
Remote control system enable operation from the driver cabin.
Start/stop control.
High-quality stainless steel.
Solution tank – 100 Liters.

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