This and a professional quality team.

The thermal fogger Pestworker STEEL PRO is one of fumigation equipment more reliable professional market.
Made in South Korea this termonebulizador is used in environmental health, livestock and agriculture for applying insecticides, herbicides, miticides and fungicides.

This team uses a resonance engine to spread a way ulltraeficiente insecticide wrist. The resonant pulse motor reaches insecticidal solution to a temperature well above room temperature. This insecticide in contact with the atmosphere, at a temperature condenses into microscopic droplets, size around 20 microns (or microns) in diameter.

Using a resonant pulse motor provides thermodynamic advantages over other systems, content, first, the manufacturing cost is maintained, and an engine with fewer parts and simpler. With only one moving part, this equipment is also very easy to maintain and reliable.

One of the main drawbacks of this motor is its high fuel consumption by a design evolved and an injection valve calibrated equipment reaches an extremely low power consumption.

In construction they have been used high quality materials such as an alloy of stainless steel striker 316. The main body parts are closely welded by electrical welding. Transparent duct to detect any problem quickly and do a quick maintenance.

The automatic electric start provides reliability and efficiency not known before in this type of equipment, this team provided one 12V rechargeable battery to light, allowing users to work quickly and without interruptions.

Each team equipped with a set of tools for maintenance kit and spare parts. The manual is the complete list of parts that are available through our dealer network. Want to become a distributor?

Our team, and one of the most reliable is reasonably priced making it the best nebulizer thermal market. In the market you can find Chinese copies of thermal foggers, please required certificate of originality with its Pestworker team.

This equipment is recommended by WHO for the fight against dangerous vectors such as the Aedes mosquito, which transmits malaria. The equipment can also be used for combating other important diseases such as dengue fever, chikungunya or Chagas disease.

This is one of the fundamental tools for pest controllers, governments, municipalities or municipalities in the fight against malaria and dengue. Our company can supply from small businesses to governments in procurement of large quantities of equipment. Currently our company is registered as a supplier to international organizations and have supplied products for domestic bids.

In short, if you’re looking for a work tool as a product to offer to their customers, we ensure that you are facing one of the best termonebulizadores that can be purchased.

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